Written by Philip Gray on December 7, 2021

Earlier today, Representatives Ocasio-Cortez & Joyce (R-OH) introduced the Harnessing Opportunities by Pursuing Expungement (HOPE) Act. The legislation would incentivize states and local governments to expunge cannabis records in their jurisdictions, as well as support studies on the effect cannabis criminalization has had on American society.
If it passes, the HOPE Act could help millions of Americans gain access to housing, education, employment, and other opportunities they've lost solely because they have a cannabis-related criminal record.
We’re grateful to Representatives Joyce and Ocasio-Cortez for working across the aisle to put forward this popular and common sense cannabis criminal justice reform. We were proud to be able to formally endorse the measure today, and look forward to working with Congress to get the bill across the finish line.
#kurated #lastprisonerproject
If you're interested, head here to read the complete bill text:

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