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Black Weed Matters

Celebrating black and indigenous cannabis.

BWM is a non-profit movement dedicated to Black Excellence and developing equitable infrastructures through economic, tech, arts and educational programs in support of a positive impact in the cannabis community for people of color (POC).

Black Cannabis

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    CHARAS is the name given to a hashish form of cannabis which is handmade in the Indian subcontinent and Jamaica. It is a cannabis concentrate made from the resin of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica).
    Complementary brand logo - Kurated
    KURATED is a cannabis brand that offers high-end flowers and unique proprietary strains delivered from their own cultivation and a handful of private craft cannabis farms in CA.
    Complementary brand logo - Specialtea
    SpecialTEA is an Oakland, CA based company that specializes in high-end beverages, edibles, tinctures and more. They are well known for their infused teas, coffees and confections. They also offer private infused dining experiences and host private events.
    Ndigenous pays homage to the indigenous ways, indigenous lands and indigenous medicine men and women, who have for centuries cultivated and brought this sacred medicine to the people as a tool for healing, communing and time traveling.


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Black Community

BWM's core team consists of wellness practitioners, artists, entrepreneurs,  and game changers who will use this platform to cultivate meaningful dialogue and networking, with the goal of creating a reliable information hub for the POC community.
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Black-owned Businesses

At BWM we believe in cooperative economics. We promote and uphold an equitable exchange of resources, tools, and people so that we can grow, thrive, and build a balanced infrastructure for black and indigenous communities worldwide.
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At BWM we want to provide a platform that enables community to flourish and grow together. Find out more about brands and businesses affiliated with the BWM organization. Support our community by shopping within it. 
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Upcoming features

We are working hard to bring you the most comprehensive and authentic community experience on our platform! Here are some of the big features you can expect to see on the website in the near future! 

bWM Social Network

The BWM Social platform will be a BIPOC community-oriented social network that will allow users to create and customize their profiles, connect with each other, make posts, send messages, participate in community events and much more. 

Community Marketplace

We are working to expand our BWM online shop to allow members of our community to become independent vendors and sell their art, crafted goods, as well as second-hand items. Our goal is to facilitate a community-driven exchange of goods and services.

Educational Center

We believe in the freedom of education and mutual aid. This is why we are building an education hub for the BIPOC community. We will have approved educators from the community provide affordable courses on a variety of different topics.
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